Video report at Mamba point

I Love Windpower will commence in January with the training of organizational skills that will contribute to the objective of starting a truly Malian wind turbine company. Also the fifth wind turbine will be build and the first four prototypes will be erected at sites in the neighbourhood of Mopti.   MISSING VIDEO LINK BROKEN

Sister Organisation “I Love Biogas” founded

Jelmer Tamis has taken the responsibility to setup and lead the “I love biogas” movement. Besides setting up an open source knowledge platform that contributes to the benefit for the people in developing countries he will also initiate and setup projects and workshops. See for more information:

Tanzania News – 28 october 2010 – Visit to MVLTC in Mafinga

MVLTC stands for Mafinga Vocational Lutheran Training Center. This is a school where the students learn all kinds of practical skills like carpentry, electronics, and metal works. This centre is initiated by the Lutheran church. They started with building wind turbines and water pumping windmills already a couple of years ago, long before ‘I love… Read more »