Mission & Vision

Mission, goals and strategy of the I-Love-Windpower Movement


“Encouraging small-scale wind energy in developing countries through local activity.”


  1. Tackle energy problems in developing countries through small-scale wind energy.

  2. Educate people in developing countries in small-scale wind energy and in running a business to manufacture, install, sell and maintain small wind turbines.

  3. Achieve independently run businesses and employment in the fields of wind energy within a pre-defined term as agreed with stakeholders.


Projects supported by I-Love-WindPower (ILWP) could be either starting or running projects. Projects will be given support when they meet the ILWP mission and goals.

ILWP aims to give support through offering knowledge and an extensive international network in small-scale wind energy. Also the application for subsidies or other financial support can be accompanied. The person or organisation responsible for a project (or multiple projects in one country) will be accountable as legal entity.

Only in case ILWP will become financially responsible for projects a separate legal entity needs to be put into place (e.g. as a foundation). For the time being ILWP support will focus on offering knowledge and the ILWP network.

The following variants of support are identified:

  1. Educating and training an experienced and motivated individual from a developed country who will be placed abroad to guide a project towards independence.

  2. Offering the knowledge required to secure project continuation or to move a project forward.

These two variants are described in more detail in an appendix. Please contact us if you are also interested in that appendix.

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