Setting up a wind project involves an one time finance; Once they are up and running they make enough revenue to support themselves and grow. But before that time, training and material need to be supplied. The finance is not totally covered for the Mali project and we are very thankfull with any donation that supports us to realise our goal.

Stichting Energy Solutions for Humanity (anbi status) 

Gedempte burgwal 34
2512 BV Den Haag
The Netherlands
Kvk nr: 51337673
Bankrekening nr: 1593.45.545
IBAN: NL70RABO0159345545

We believe in total transparency of showing where the money is spend on; Therefore we have set our total bookkeeping on internet so that everybody can see – up to the euro accurate – where the money goes to.

There are also other donation options possible: such as periodic monthly contribution or a one time “donate a wind turbine” to a school or community. Momentarilly we are still working on these options; please don’t hesitate to contact us for further inquiries if interested. Please do so via the following link: Inquiry donation.

Also we provide people from The Netherlands to give a small donation via an iDEAL payment, please follow this link: Donate €20.