Tanzania News – 29 may 2011 – Training Sumbawanga succesfull with 2 installations in Rukwa regio

Last week we started the master class on small-scale wind turbines in Sumbawanga. Twenty participants join this training. Among them are students and teachers of VETA. Also self employed artisans and business people are attending. They are the local entrepeneurs who see the business opportunity of a new technology. Matching grants would be very welcome… Read more »

Tanzania News – 11 may 2011 – I-Love-Windpower turbines spreading across Tanzania

So far we have installed six turbines throughout Tanzania, from Dar es Salaam to remote places like Kemgesi in the Serengeti district. All turbines installed have now been indicated at their exact GPS coordinates on a map of Tanzania, which can be found here: installed-wind-turbines We expect to be able to add more turbines after successful… Read more »

Tanzania News – 5 may 2011 – Internship on hybrid systems has started

Thanks to the work of the previous intern, Arthur Vos, the performance of the Hugh Piggott turbines built by I-love-windpower Tanzania is now known. This will serve as the starting point of my 3-months internship at I-love-windpower Tanzania, during which I will be focusing on so-called ‘hybrid systems’. Hybrid systems in the field of renewable… Read more »