Monday Lunch meeting Siemens

A monday lunch meeting has been given at Siemens. The presentation gives an reflection of the three years of the Mali project and also about the active involvement with the global association of Windempowerment.

Video report at Mamba point

I Love Windpower will commence in January with the training of organizational skills that will contribute to the objective of starting a truly Malian wind turbine company. Also the fifth wind turbine will be build and the first four prototypes will be erected at sites in the neighbourhood of Mopti.   MISSING VIDEO LINK BROKEN

“I Love Windpower” present on “Madnes” Surf Festival

Madnes is a yearly organised surf festival in Ameland that also stands in for green sustainability. In that context it actively promotes small scale renewable energy technologies that can make a difference in developing countries. Summer 2010, two demonstrations – small wind turbine made from basic, recycle materials and a biogas system of Jelmer Tamis… Read more »