Tanzania News – 17 may 2011 – Master Class Sumbawanga started


On the road again for another master class on small scale wind turbines. The challenge is the same as the previous workshop: educate 20 participants intensively in 2 weeks time and complete 2 installed wind turbines.


The hosting workshop this time is located in Sumbawanga, which is a small town in Rukwa region, very west in Tanzania. Normally it will take you 2 days from Dar Es Salaam to reach it either by public bus or private car. Now, we need some additional shopping in Mbeya. Therefore, we need 3 days to reach Sumbawanga.

Yesterday all participants arrived on time and started very motivated with the master class. We are on schedule for the moment. Nevertheless, it will be a very exciting project till the last day, because the two sites where the turbines are going to be installed lie very remote. One health centre is 180 km on rough road further into the bush. We’ll keep you updated as long as Sumbawanga is online.