Tanzania News – 5 may 2011 – Internship on hybrid systems has started


Thanks to the work of the previous intern, Arthur Vos, the performance of the Hugh Piggott turbines built by I-love-windpower Tanzania is now known. This will serve as the starting point of my 3-months internship at I-love-windpower Tanzania, during which I will be focusing on so-called ‘hybrid systems’. Hybrid systems in the field of renewable energy refer to the combined use of wind and solar power. And sometimes also a fossil fuelled generator is part of a hybrid system as well.

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Let me introduce myself; I am Ruben Schmidt, a master student in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Besides my interest in renewable energy, I am keen on exploring the world and familiarizing myself with different cultures. I have already spent a year in India and I have just returned from an exchange of two terms in Canada. Tanzania will be the next great adventure!

At the end of my internship I hope to have found an optimal ratio of wind, solar and generator power for hybrid systems at the specific sites in Tanzania where our wind turbines have been or will be installed.