Wind measurement campaign Mali

Background The successfulness of utilization of wind turbines depends heavily on the wind climate. Reliable information is usually hard to obtain in developing countries, especially at heights that small wind turbines operate in (6-24m). Nevertheless we have found and based our economic feasibility study on a detailed wind report applicable for large wind turbines. Our… Read more »

Metmast construction movie clips

The unsteady political situation in Mali  starting in 2012 has led us to adapt our teaching approach. Instead of going out to Mali in person to teach the EOL Mali team – we will make series of movie clips that will lead to master the required skills. We have chosen for movie clips instead of… Read more »

ILWP project presentations

The first I-Love-Windpower social event was held in Utrecht on friday the 23rd of June. Nine introduction presentations have been presented of each active project (3 field and 6 tech). These presentations have been recorded and can be seen back here below. Mali – The Mali project is – after a long break – preparing to start up again…. Read more »