Monday Lunch meeting Siemens

A monday lunch meeting has been given at Siemens. The presentation gives an reflection of the three years of the Mali project and also about the active involvement with the global association of Windempowerment.

New lattice towers are being made by EOL Mali

We are looking onto an alternative design where we use abundant available materials such as water tubes and construction steel bars (used for strengthening concrete walls). Having such cost-out projects are important in order to make these wind turbines more attractive compared with its competitors (gasoline generators).

Turbine build at ITCH Mexico

From June to October 2011, a wind turbine construction workshop took place in a technical educational institute in Chihuahua, northern city of México. This activity was developed in collaboration with the “Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua” (ITCH), which is a renowned technical public institute (university level) over there.   The main target of this activity was… Read more »

Mali – The capacity building program for EOL Mali

“Now we managed to do these engine fitting rails so nice and straight, we are able to make a train line to Bamako” “Maintenant qu’on a fait les rails du moteur aussi droits, on peut faire une ligne de train jusqu’a Bamako” Bamoye The traditional year in Mali begins with the Aid-el-Fitr festivities that mark… Read more »