Tanzania News – 4 april 2012 – Small-scale Wind Turbines in standard VETA Curriculum ?

After the successful ‘Training the VETA-Teachers’ from all over the country, a follow-up workshop was organized. The participants of this workshop are representatives from all the major stakeholders of Renewable Energy in Tanzania. The goal of this workshop was to produce a vision or a strategy, to get renewable energy into the standard curriculum of… Read more »

Monday Lunch meeting Siemens

A monday lunch meeting has been given at Siemens. The presentation gives an reflection of the three years of the Mali project and also about the active involvement with the global association of Windempowerment.

News Tanzania – 5 march 2012 – Two turbines resulted from Training of VETA-Teachers

In the previous news item we informed you that this master class was successfully started. Now, we are looking back to two intensive weeks of Training the VETA-Teachers from all over the country. A total of 20 teachers were selected carefully taking into consideration the gender-issue, the distribution over the disciplines carpentry, welding, and electronics,… Read more »

New lattice towers are being made by EOL Mali

We are looking onto an alternative design where we use abundant available materials such as water tubes and construction steel bars (used for strengthening concrete walls). Having such cost-out projects are important in order to make these wind turbines more attractive compared with its competitors (gasoline generators).