News Tanzania – 5 march 2012 – Two turbines resulted from Training of VETA-Teachers


In the previous news item we informed you that this master class was successfully started. Now, we are looking back to two intensive weeks of Training the VETA-Teachers from all over the country. A total of 20 teachers were selected carefully taking into consideration the gender-issue, the distribution over the disciplines carpentry, welding, and electronics, and the distribution from the different zones/regions of Tanzania.

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This group is well experienced in their vocational skills. Thus, we proceeded very well in all those many small manufacturing steps to a wind turbine of the Piggott-type. We produced two turbines with a 3 meter rotor diameter, both installed at a guy-wired 12 meter tower. The first we installed at the VETA Dodoma compound, with help of students in the building(and masonry) department.


The second turbine is installed in the small village of Ilindi in Bahi district, somehow close to Dodoma town. The District Medical Officer (DMO) and even the District Executive Director (DED) came to visit us during this installation to express their thanks. An official opening ceremony was organized because crews of the three major Tanzanian TV-broadcast stations (ITV, TBC, StarTV) showed up. One day later we got a news-item on the 8 pm news!


Many thanks go to the enthusiastic participants, the organizing management of VETA, the funding of ETC-foundation, and all the people who helped us during the training!