First measurement mast installed, EOL Mali

EOL Mali has constructed and installed its first wind measurement mast at Here Bugu.

It is important to have a good understanding of the wind characteristics to assess the business model for wind turbines prudently.

At the moment EOL Mali is building wind measurement masts to map the exact wind speeds at the height above ground that these turbines are operating at.

Previous found wind reports at different heights and other doubtfull executed measurements or personal biased feedback have led us to decide to invest in installing these wind measurement masts in order to be enabled to make fact-driven decisions.

At the same time it is a great opportunity to take an intermediate step for the EOL Mali group to learn how to make eventually wind turbine masts and install them in a safe manner.

The group members, Seydou, Mohammed and Jean have been making this wind measurement tower leaded my Oumar Boucoum. St, ESH have supported remotely via weekly Skype meetings and prepared demonstration movies about the construction and installation of such tower.

Two more metmast are planned to be constructed and installed in the coming months. At the moment suitable locations are being investigated.

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