Hands-on workshop for EWEM students in Delft


On 12 to 14 June a workshop was given in Delft, the Netherlands, for a large group of students as part of the Summer School of the European Wind Energy Masters (EWEM).

aIMG_7984As an eye-catcher for this Summer School a small wind turbine had been temporarily installed at the main campus of the University in Delft.

In this hands-on workshop the participants learned about the different aspects of building a Hugh Piggott type wind turbine. Finally a wind turbine with a 3 m. rotor diameter was installed on a 14 m. high wooden tower.

 The workshop started with a short explanation of the turbine design and their application in rural areas in developing countries. Afterwards the participants worked outside in groups on the different components:

_DSC0498 aDSC0378





Marko tells about Hugh Piggott                       Carving of the wooden blades 

_DSC0388aIMG_7994Winding the coils for the generator            Bolting wooded beams of tower

aIMG_7993 _DSC0507

 Many people worked on the wooden tower

_DSC0640 _DSC0593





The wind turbine was painted and assembled                   and text put on the tail







The wooden tower had to be carried to its final location, it was a real group effort to lift the large structure.

_DSC0657 IMG_8003





Tower was erected with  a cable puller 







After the tower was erected and fixated to the foundation the turbine was inaugurated and the all participants looked back proudly to an unique learning experience with a great result.