Abdoul Wahab Danté


I am a recent graduate of Grenoble INP Masters of Electrical Engineering with specializing in Electrical Energy. Before, I studied in Algeria at the University of Sciences and technologies of Algiers and graduated in 2014 with a bachelor and a masters in electrical engineer with specializing in Electrical Power Systems. Recently I was surfing the net and came across some files and realization in Mali of the movement I Love Wind power. All that interested me and I decided to contact the movement in order to contribute to the project.

Research specialities and interest

 Power systems studies (modeling, analysis, protection and control)

Renewable energies:

• wind turbine

• Photovoltaic

• Hydroelectric energy.

• Biomass

• Hydrogen and fuel cells.

Activities within ILWP

Joined the Mali project and willing to setup pro-actively.

Responsible for leading weekly progress meetings with EOL Mali group.

Consult and review business development concepts seen from Malian point of view

Personal info you like to share

I like riding bikes but my favourite hobby is karate (I am currently a green belt).