Jeroen Bomers


JBomers Design



Dutch designer Jeroen Bomers  has an extensive and diverse career. As a child he was always busy constructing and building, making his own cabins, vehicles and toys. When he was 13 he bought his first welding equipment and taught himself the basic principles of steel and woodworking. He studied history at the University of Nijmegen graduating on the theory of history. He changed direction afterwards by renovating an old farmhouse in France. This inspired him to make a career out of what was his favorite spare time occupation. He went to the Design Academy Eindhoven and started his career as an independent design professional. Characterized  at his graduation in 2010 as a creative Flintstone with a scientific and philosophic perspective on design.

Jeroen Bomers can be characterized as a broadly orientated and interdisciplinary designer. His work and interest go from furniture to  automotive design and from community art projects  to architecture. From conceptual design to development aid projects and green energy.

At the moment mr. Bomers is living in Malawi from where he runs his studio and is working on different projects concerning wind energy, solar power systems and  water management.


Research specialities and interest

Very interested in thinking about, and developing green energy solutions for developing countries like Malawi.


Activities within ILWP

Working on windpower in Malawi by teaching young Malawians how to build windturbines at Mikolongwe Dapp Vocational School in Chiradzulu. (