Marco Ogno


I am Italian mechanical engineer. I have got my Bachelor degree at Politecnico of Milan and my Master at Delft University of Technology. I finished my studies in April 2013 with a MSc. thesis on structural dynamics of Offshore Wind Turbines at Siemens Wind Power in The Netherlands.  At Siemens I had the opportunity to meet Piet and ILWP.                                         


My seek of a break after my studies, my interest in finally doing some “hands on work” better than writing formulas all day and the will of doing something good for the others, matched perfectly the idea of Piet of a kick-of workshop in Brasil. The following months I attended the workshop in NL and I have got the necessary trainings for building a small wind turbine. Now I am ready to leave for Brasil and make the worshop happen! 


Research specialities and interest

I don’t consider myself as a specialist nor a researcher, but dynamics was my field of study.

Professionally I am interested to use my engineering skills for management. For this reason I am learning about Project Management.

I have interest in travelling and meet new people, understanding their history/culture. I am interested in learning Portuguese. 

Basic knowledge about windturbine design and structural dynamics as well as system identification techniques.

Basic skills of Fund Raising learned at BEST (Board of European Students of Technology). 


Activities within ILWP

I will give a Workshop in Montes Claros  (Brasil) on June 2013. 


Personal info you like to share

I am a really sportive person, I grow up as a tennis player and usually practise sport every day. 

I love adventures, especially backpacking and low badget/survival experiences.


I am an atypical italian, I don´t eat pasta every day and I am still really friendly even if the food is not that great. If really needed I can offer cooking lessons 😉