Marko Bosman


I am a strong believer in Sustainability as a key factor for our future and that led me to initiate projects to generate electricity with traditional Dutch windmills.

During a workshop with Piet Chevalier I have learned about the Hugh Piggott wind turbine and it gave me a wonderful proud feeling when we finished a working wind turbine from scratch in three (long) days of work with relatively simple means. 

I want to share this experience with other people through workshops. I recognize the keen and efficient design of the Hugh Piggott wind turbine and I like to improve it where possible in favor of the application in developing countries and to support the I-love-Windpower movement.


Research specialities and interest:

Studied Material Science and Engineering at the TU Delft with specialisation production technology

Interest in traditional old Dutch windmills

Hands-on experience in building Hugh Piggott type wind turbines and building solar panels

Grid connection of renewable energy systems

Professional knowledge of airplane structural design

Certified project manager IPMA C


Activities within ILWP

Leading activities at Small Windturbine Test site in Schoondijke

Support workshops from time to time in Holland

Personal info you like to share:

I live with my wife and four kids in Antwerpen (Belgium). I am working in the aerospace industry at Fokker Aerostructures in the Netherlands.