Performance testing ILWP 1,8

Location: Schoondijke, NetherlandsILWP 1,8 spinning bright

Installation date: 17 November 2013

Test ended: 1 March 2014 

Wind turbine system specification:

Rotor Diameter 1800 mm
Generator 48 V, rated 350 W
Tower 14 m, free standing
Electronics Mastervolt Windmaster 500 with LDR 96-15 protection


Total energy produced: 154 kWh


The average wind speed during the test period was 4,8 m/s. This is higher than the yearly average of 4 m/s at the test site.

Performance data have been logged with a 5 minutes interval. The daily energy production during the test period:

 ILWP 1,8 energy total

The power curve and efficiency factor Cp are derived from 29900 data points:

powercurve ILWP 1,8

The highest instantanious power recorded during the test period was 472 W. The average power and wind speed are presented in weekly graphs in archive power and details of the daily energy production can be found in archive energy.

The projected yearly energy yield compares very well to the numbers from Hugh Piggott’s work book:

ILWP 1,8 yield

Although the testing period was a little too short, the wind turbine passed the most important requirements from the duration test specified in the international standard for small wind turbines IEC61400-2:

ILWP 1,8 duration test