People involved

This project is an initiative and collaboration between Stichting (NPO) Energy Solutions for Humanity (ES4H) and Stichting (NPO) Rondom Baba  (


ES4H based in Holland provides technical and managerial knowledge and is financial responsible. Key persons that drive it from this side are: Joost Sterenborg and Piet Willem Chevalier.


St. Rondom Baba based in Mali makes sure the project is embedded and associated in the right cultural context. A responsibility that is found to be key for the success of this challenging project. Furthermore St. Rondom Baba provides the facilities and coordinates the daily operations. Key persons that drive the project from this side are: Yvonne Gerner and Baba Traore.


The group that is being taught all the skills and plans in the future to start a company is called: EOL Mali.