Stichting Energy Solutions 4 Humanity gives exclusive workshop to Stichting Emmaus Haarzuilens

Stichting Energy Solutions for Humanity – who runs the Mali project – has given an internal workshop for one of their main sponsors “Stichting Emmaus”. The workshop took place in 4 days and the group existed out of some people from Cameroen, some international young members of Emmaus and also local members.

Here is a group photo of the people that participated the workshop



Some blade carving action in the shade of some tents. It was the hottest day in Holland since 30 years.



Here is some coil winding done.


Niels (left) together with Alfred (right) shaping the blades.


Everybody also practised in electrode welding.


Niels enjoyed welding the most of the whole workshop.


Two concerned teachers about the moulding process. We used stones and washing machines as weight to close the lid firmly of the mould. Everything turned out fine.


Some more blade action by Thomas, Paul and Niels.


Thomas (left) and Alfred (right) in the metal workplace.


Marko grinding the metal pieces.



Piet (left) and Joost (right), the two teachers, looking at the tower.