Tanzania News – 1 July 2011 – Wind Survey


People who are familiar with wind energy, might know that a wind map is not available for all countries in the world. A lot of developed countries have the luxury of a wind map. This makes it much easier to make decisions on whether to invest in a wind turbine or to look for an alternative energy source. For Tanzania it will take some time before a wind map can be constructed, because there have been done just a few professional wind measurements.


I Love Windpower – Tanzania is adding a wind meter at every wind turbine installation. This will give information on the performance of the specific turbine. But it will also help in getting a more clear picture of the wind potential of the whole country.


We are very happy that we got help from a Danish professor last week. Together with him we visited some interesting locations to survey the wind potential. We tried to cross the Serengeti National Park with our Toyota Rav4, which appeared to be not such a good idea, as you can see in the picture :-). Finally we managed to pass this world famous National Park and enjoyed the scenery in search of good wind sites.