Tanzania News – 13 july 2010 – Creating job opportunities for disabled people


In Tanzania employment opportunities for disabled Tanzania are few and far between. Daily life is a struggle. When you drive through the city of Dar es Salaam, often you can see Tanzanians with disabilities sitting or lying close to road crossings, begging for money.

There is now hope for change as the Tanzanian Government has recently passed a law which states every company of 50 workers or more needs to have at least one disabled person working on the pay list. However, this is a new law and people are skeptical as to whether it will be executed correctly.

I love windpower are happy to announce that it will be working in cooperation with Wonder Workshop , a NGO which is a self help initiative working with disabled Tanzanian men and women who make beautiful pieces or art and handicraft from recycled material. For a period of a week I love windpower will be working with, and training four of Wonder Workshops carpenters to produce the aerodynamic blades of our wind turbines. Ensuring accurate position carving will lead to higher electricity production.

We are very happy and proud to creating more job opportunities for disabled people in Tanzania.