Tanzania News – 15 december 2011 – Internship on Operation and Maintenance


For more than a year now, I-love-Windpower Tanzania has been busy building wind turbines in rural areas of Tanzania. And with great success! 9 turbines have been installed over this past last year, generating electricity for little schools and hospitals. To keep the turbines running they need to be monitored and maintained in order to keep generating electricity. And this is the starting point for my 2 month internship. In these two months I will try to find the optimal maintenance and monitoring process for I-love-Windpower so that the turbines will be serviced in in an effective and efficient manner.


First let me introduce myself, I’m Almira Brahim . Currently I’m a master student Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management at the TU Delft in the Netherlands. I have the opportunity to do this internship for credits in this master program. This is my first time to Tanzania, so next to the challenges of the internship, I am excited to face the challenges and differences of this Tanzanian culture.

There will be two field trips during this internship. Together with Roland and Arthur, we travelled to Singida to visit the two turbines that are located in Sepuka and Misughaa. In this week I got the chance to get a closer look of the technical elements of the Piggott wind turbine, the culture and habits that surround the wind turbine and the Tanzanian way of getting things done.


It was an interesting and fun trip, and gave me lots of leads to start the research. I’m looking forward to the coming months, and hope it’s as informative and interesting as the last week!