Tanzania News – 19 january 2011 – Singida Master Class started


The Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency (REA) makes it possible for us to give another master class on small scale wind turbines in Tanzania already in january 2011. This time we are hosted by the Vocational Education Training Association (VETA) of Singida. Singida town is situated in the center of the country, about 3 hours driving from capital city Dodoma.


After one week of procuring materials and other preparations in Dar Es Salaam, we headed for Singida in our Toyota Rav4. Because we are transporting material for 2 wind turbines (model 1 kW-peak, 3 m rotordiameter), the Rav4 just managed this trip. On the few rough road sections, the exhaust pipe hit the ground several times. Fortunatly the trip is nearly completly on tarmac road.


On monday we started the master class. About 15 participants (again with various background) are joining. In the morning, we have theoretical lectures and instructions with the whole group in a class room. Around 11:00 am we shift from theory to practice. All participants work in seperate groups which are shifting activities every 3 days. By this roulating scheme, each participant gets in touch with every aspect of the wind turbine. The new workshop of VETA Singida is well-equiped for the practical work.

At this moment, the seperate components become clear. That’s nice for the participants, because up till now they don’t have a real prototype. Only the technical drawings, the RecipeBook (manual) and video’s give them some idea about what they are building.