Tanzania News – 24 november 2010 – Short Movie on Internet TV


During the master class in september in Dar Es Salaam, a lot of pictures and movies were taken. Our Dutch friend Jan van de Broek was visiting us and filmed a lot of activities in high quality. We are very thankfull that he also composed a short movie to get a good impression of this training.

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Internet TV mambapoint is an initiative from the Dutch broadcast company NCRV. We thank them for their interest in the wind turbine projects of ‘I Love Windpower’. The short movie of the training (about 2 minutes) can be viewed here. You need to be able to download about 25 Mb (like 5 large e-mails). We are currently working on a even smaller version for Africans who have don’t the luxury of a fast internet, but nevertheless like to see about this training from a typical internet cafe in rural Tanzania.