Tanzania News – 26 november 2011 – TEDx Talk in Dar Es Salaam


TEDx stands for an independently organized TED-event. This year, a TEDx was organized in Dar Es Salaam and I was very happy to be nominated to speech! My TED-talk is about the inevitable global energy crisis and how to take action yourself in anticipation to this crisis.

I really would have liked to give the URL to the recordings of my talk here. However, at the moment of writing the organizing team still has not put the livestream of that day into separate movies of the separate talks. I am afraid the recordings might be lost forever…


Nevertheless, it was a great event with a lot of fascinating talks. There was a nice balance between these talks and some special performances. The final session was for the world famous Zanzibar Taraab singer Bibi Kidude, which is now more than 100 years of age but still having a strong and very beautiful voice.