Tanzania News – 29 July 2010 – Disabled produce blade assembly succesfull

The last two weeks, the disabled people of the Wonder Workshop did a fantastic job by producing the complete blade assemblies of four wind turbines!
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The most work is the sawing, carving and shaving of the aerodynamic blade shape from a beam of wood. They learned the different steps very quickly. They also fully understand why it is needed to shape the blades in this specific geometry. At the moment, they are able to make these blades independently without help.


Because the shaping of the blades worked out fine, we also explained how to make the complete assembly of the wooden blade rotor. For this, you need to shape pieces of plywood and adjust them in the frontplane and backplane of the blades. We are very proud that the workers of Wonder Workshop are able to produce the complete wooden blade assembly of a Hugh Piggott wind turbine!