Tanzania News – 30 january 2012 – Tanzanian Wind Energy Association (TAWEA) builds its first Piggott turbine

One year ago during a training of I Love Windpower, a lot of participants immediately saw the good business opportunities of Piggott wind turbines in Tanzania. During some nice drinks in the evening we discussed about the way forward after the training. Because the participants were coming from different parts of Tanzania, they were afraid to loose sight of each other quickly. Therefore, before the end of the two week training, an interim board was formed, some start-up money was gathered and the Tanzanian Wind Energy Association (TAWEA) was born!

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Next steps were to formalize the association in a legal way, become member of the Tanzanian Renewable Energy Association (TAREA), and find a first customer to demonstrate the wind turbine. In the mean time this has all been done. TAWEA has installed its first wind turbine in the neighborhood of Morogoro town along the highway to Dodoma. They build the turbine completely themselves which is of course very nice to hear, because that is the main goal of I Love Windpower.


As soon as we know the exact coordinates of this turbine we will add it to the map of Installed Wind Turbines. Now we plan to make use of two colors: one for the wind turbines that are made during a training or with direct supervision of I Love Windpower; and one different color for wind turbines that are made independently by participants. To TAWEA we say: “congratulations with this achievement!”