Welcome Abdoul Wahab Danté

It is my pleasure to inform you that we have another devoted volunteer that has boarded our Mali project: Abdoul Wahab Danté !


Abdoul is born and raised in Mali and is currently obtaining his second Msc degree in electrical engineering in France. He has ambitions to go for PhD in this field and in the long run become Professor at Technical University in Bamako. In his spare time Abdoul likes to exercise Karate, he managed to get his green Belt.

Having a keen background in engineering and a solid cultural understanding of Mali, Abdoul is per direct leading our weekly Skype progress meetings with EOL Mali translating and clarifying the progress and next steps to be taken.

Exact future responsibilties and interests will become more clear as we move gradually forward.

In Feb 2016 he will be joining a build your own windturbine workshop in France with our friends from Tripalium (WE member).