Welcome Oumar Bocoum – EOL Mali

The EOL Mali group is – besides learning the skills to make and install wind turbines – investing in developing other skills that are required to empower the group to run the wind bussiness.

One of such examples is the (co)sponsoring Hamidou with his accountancy study link. These are long-term investments that we believe will gradually over the years start paying-off.

However we also do see the need to have a stronger local management present  right now.

We have found a promising candidate that seems to have the right skills and right motivation to join our venture: Oumar Bocoum.

oumar yellow wtg

His first challenge will be to lead the training of the construction and installation of met masts as part of the measurement campaign.

We will support him with remote assistance via weekly Skype sessions and preparing training material (link).

We like to welcome Oumar to the group and are looking forward to working together in the future.