Workshop & wooden tower installation – Brasil

Project background After the first workshop in 2013, last summer ILWP and the local association Berimbau de Ouro organised a new workshop in Montes Claros, Brazil. The project, funded by Ramboll foundation, was led by two bright structural Engineers of Ramboll UK – Mark Bridger and Nick Smallman – together with Marco Ogno from I-Love-WindPower,… Read more »

Welcome Oumar Bocoum – EOL Mali

The EOL Mali group is – besides learning the skills to make and install wind turbines – investing in developing other skills that are required to empower the group to run the wind bussiness. One of such examples is the (co)sponsoring Hamidou with his accountancy study link. These are long-term investments that we believe will… Read more »

Wind measurement campaign Mali

Background The successfulness of utilization of wind turbines depends heavily on the wind climate. Reliable information is usually hard to obtain in developing countries, especially at heights that small wind turbines operate in (6-24m). Nevertheless we have found and based our economic feasibility study on a detailed wind report applicable for large wind turbines. Our… Read more »