News Tanzania – 5 march 2012 – Two turbines resulted from Training of VETA-Teachers

In the previous news item we informed you that this master class was successfully started. Now, we are looking back to two intensive weeks of Training the VETA-Teachers from all over the country. A total of 20 teachers were selected carefully taking into consideration the gender-issue, the distribution over the disciplines carpentry, welding, and electronics,… Read more »

Tanzania News – 30 january 2012 – Tanzanian Wind Energy Association (TAWEA) builds its first Piggott turbine

One year ago during a training of I Love Windpower, a lot of participants immediately saw the good business opportunities of Piggott wind turbines in Tanzania. During some nice drinks in the evening we discussed about the way forward after the training. Because the participants were coming from different parts of Tanzania, they were afraid… Read more »

Tanzania News – 15 december 2011 – Internship on Operation and Maintenance

For more than a year now, I-love-Windpower Tanzania has been busy building wind turbines in rural areas of Tanzania. And with great success! 9 turbines have been installed over this past last year, generating electricity for little schools and hospitals. To keep the turbines running they need to be monitored and maintained in order to… Read more »